Braille Transcription/Proofreading

Quick turnaround braille transcription or proofreading.

Judy Dixon is a recognized expert in the braille reading system, and its importance in opening information access to all. She holds certificates in braille transcribing and proofreading from the Library of Congress. She specializes in providing braille versions of print and electronic documents in as little as eight hours.

Professional Consulting

Inclusivity, Technology, Accessibility

Judy Dixon has an abundance of knowledge in the field of media accessibility, from both personal and professional experience. She will provide authoritative guidance, workable strategies, and the right informational materials to make your final product inclusive to all.

Writing and Research

Books, essays, articles, white papers, blogs

Judy Dixon has had decades of experience, in both the educational and professional sphere, writing well-researched works on information access and visibility for the blind and visually impaired. Her writing style is fluid, and can flip from fun and casual to structured and educational. Depending on the tone of your desired piece or project, her pen will flow accordingly.

Accessibility Advocate

Public speaking events, online seminars, Workshops

Judy Dixon has delivered numerous informational speeches at universities, within the Library of Congress, and many on-the-air news programs. Booking Dr. Dixon at your next event or series will provide a voice that’s versed in the most up-to-date methods of maintaining online and print inclusivity.